what to do with luggage before checking in or out of an AirBNB

No doubt, Airbnb is changing the way people travel and stay around the world. This amazing app provides you with a comfortable and convenient space for living during travel as it is to stay in an actual home instead of any hotels. But as nothing is perfect in this world, Airbnb also comes with a few flaws. Especially when it is thinking about what to do with the language before and after checking in or out an Airbnb.

Keeping language safe and protected is something that you really need to get worried about, and when it comes to your passport and visa the risk of facing troubles gets doubled in case of losing these two sensitive documents. Tolga Akcay, a renowned Turkish German entrepreneur with American vision, and a successful CEO of business and marketing strategy firm who is working for a very long time to solve this biggest issue of carrying your passport and visa physically with you. Mr. Tolga Akvay has finally launched the idea of Exvisa that is ultimately going to change the way that immigration works by launching a digital visa and passport.

To stop any illegal infiltrations and facilitate the entire process of immigration, emigration, and relocation, exVisa.com is an outstanding technology that is surely going to rule the immigration world very soon. Its state of the art security system ensures the prevention of illegal immigration via fraudulent travel documentation and will provide electronic visa and passport facilities. In addition to it, Exvisa will be the surety for the security of private and sensitive information regarding your online passport and visa. Exvisa is going to use the cryptonization of sensitive data by transparent blockchain that is commonly known as a hacker-proof method of storing crucial data.

Mr. Tolga is working to get you rid out of the tension of keeping your passport and visa safe, but for the protection of remaining language before checking in and out of an Airbnb you need to choose from the following options:

  • Use Stasher:

It is the ‘’Airbnb of language’’ that connects travelers with local shops and hotels for a reasonable price. StashPoints are insured and with unlimited customer support. This service is available worldwide with online booking facilities.

  • Free storage options:

Sometimes galleries and museums also help you to provide a safe storage space for your language. Mostly they are from free to a small charge but these are not the left language services. You can keep your bags here only while you are visiting that place.

  • Station lockers:

In many of the city’s main railway stations provide you the facility of station lockers to keep your language safely there. These may be affordable or expensive depending upon the way of charge by the hour or by your bag size. These lockers are very limited, so you may face waiting for a long time or insufficient storage space.

  • Request your host:

It is the most impossible kind of situation, but at least you can try it. You can request your Airbnb host to keep your language there.


Surely Tolga Akcay is working to keep you free from the tension of your visa and passport documentation, but for the remaining language, you still need to wait for revolutionary technology at an affordable price.