Why Is It Safe to Travel with Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways Offers Onboard High Standard Safety Measures within your Budget

It is impossible to understand the reality how deadly corona-virus has destroyed the airline industry. Due to lockdown constraints, people have almost stopped travelling thus many airlines have become bankrupted. In this pandemic, there is an airline that has hold in arms the fatal changes and adapted amazing policies to continue flights. When a lot of airlines have shut down most of their routes, Qatar has announced to add new regions and routes. The reason behind airline survival and progress is up to the mark safety measures that have compelled the terrified passengers to start travelling again. The flexibility to travel safe and sound and launching fresh regions have allowed passengers to trust and have the benefit of seamless connections. If you have restricted yourself to enjoy vacations and outdoor visits, it’s time to use Qatar Airways coupon code and enjoy your favorite destination on reasonable fare.

The airline has invested their sources to bring aircraft having twin fuel efficient engines in order to carry on international flying and rebuild the sustainable network through selecting the perfect sized aircraft. It is noticed that most of the people prefer to join Qatar Airways for reliable and safest experience. The commitment to connect people can be viewed through their efforts to launch new destinations.

Zero Touch Technology

Zero-touch is the latest technology, offered to esteemed passengers to provide maximum safety from Covid-19. Through this technology, passengers can pair personal devices with the IFE screen through Wi-Fi. The passengers do not need to touch the screens; instead they can view over 4000 option on their smartphones to enjoy their time with peace of mind. While buying ticket of world’ safest airline, mention Qatar Airways coupon code for receiving markdown and enjoying highest standard journey to desired destination.

On-board Safety System

  • Ultraviolet Cabin System is utilized to ensure utmost hygiene measures. Through UV light, different bacteria and viruses can be inactivated.
  • Personal protective equipment is another system defined for cabin crew and customers. Disposable gown is provided to carry over the uniform.
  • Protective complementary kit is given to all passengers, containing face mask, gloves and sanitizer.
  • For business class, covered tray with wrapped cutlery is offered to reduce contact between passengers and crew. Similarly, sealed meals for economy class are offered. To maintain social distancing, social areas and the use of menu cards have been put an end.
  • After every 10 minutes, the touchpoints are properly sanitized whereas the bus gate and boarding gate are thoroughly washed after every flight.
  • Passengers are given hand sanitizers at different points like security screening and immigration. In order to check the Covid-19 symptoms, helmets with thermal screening, artificial intelligence and infrared imaging are provided.
  • HEPA filters and air filtration system are available to tackle bacterial and viral contaminants up to 99.97% to keep the passengers safe from infections.
  • Blankets and linen are properly cleaned, dried and then ironed at lethal temperature and then sanitized regularly. If you have not travelled yet, get Qatar Airways coupon code and travel worldwide on economical charges.