Amazing Maui Snorkeling Tours: Explore All Maui Has To Offer

Maui is the second-largest island in Hawaii, and its landscape includes valley, mountains, volcanoes and shorelines. Half of Maui location is within five miles of the coast. The insulation of the island accounts for the marine life influence of the climate. Maui is considered the “Best Island in the World.” It has one of the best climate environment, and it has many swimmable beaches.

The Islands of Hawaii have year-round trade winds. Maui’s trade winds come northeast, which makes it the ideal place to snorkel on the south and west shores of Maui. There are many mountains on Maui, and they prevent the trade winds from reaching the beaches on the south and west of the island. This lack of trade winds makes the ocean water crystal clear, calm and peaceful. The clear and calm waters make snorkelling possible on most of the beaches along Maui shoreline.


Tourism is by far the largest industry in Hawaii. The climate and landscape of Maui make it popular for many activities such as snorkelling. Almost all of Maui beaches and bays are available almost snorkelling year-round. See below some of the best Maui Snorkeling Tours on the Maui.

Snorkelling: Molokini

Maui snorkelling is the most popular on the Hawaiian islands and the world because it is close to Molokini, which is only two miles off the coast. Molokini is the most popular and the sought-after snorkel location in Hawaii. Its unique shape gives it an advantage of being protected from tradewinds, which offers calm and clear waters and vibrant marine life. The marine life includes more 250 variety of species. The clear water provides 150 feet of visibility. The Molokini is a trendy spot to snorkel, and it is only accessible by boat. A power catamaran or rafting boat is a very efficient way to get there.

The Snorkeling Molokini is beautiful, and it is exhilarating. There are yellow tang, cornetfish, surgeonfish, parrotfish and many other species available. Visitors also can see if they are lucky a Spotted Eagle Ray. There are wet suits, an optical mask for those who wear glasses available for rent, and there are digital underwater cameras for purchase.

Snorkelling: Coral Gardens

Coral Garden is located parallel to Pali Highway Mountain Pass near the coastline. There are cliff lines that surround the cove that protects it from the trade winds. Coral Gardens is beautiful, and it is a unique natural reef formation. The bay protects it on the west-side of Maui.

Coral Garden is a crescent-shaped crater that is protected by refuge, and it is an ideal spot for snorkelling. Coral Gardens is home to hundreds of species of marine life including Hawaiians Green Sea Turtles. The visibility reaches 40 feet in the clear waters make the views of the marine life and coral formation breathtaking. It also offers many underwater sights and a chance to swim with turtles. This snorkel spot is only safely accessed by boat.

Turtle Town: Snorkelling

Turtle Town is an underwater sea cave, and it is home to a beautiful coral formation with a large population of turtles. Turtle town is located between the black sand beach in Makena and Nahunta Point. At Turtle Town, there is a chance to swim with green sea turtles in the calm water and explore the corals. Most Maui snorkelling tours include a stops at Turtle Town.

Lanai: Snorkelling

Lanai is an underwater oasis. It has world-class snorkelling with warm, clear waters and vibrant reefs with an abundance of sea life. Lanai is the perfect spot for snorkelling. There is an abundance of sea turtles, tropical fish, and a vibrant coral reef that is simply amazing. Lanai has a large population of sea turtles, wild dolphins, plus toothed whales and the Hawaiian monk seal.

Explore Maui

There are many amazing tours available to explore all Maui has to offer, so choose one Maui Snorkeling Tours and enjoy the adventure.