3 Fun-Filled Rainy Day Activities in Niagara Falls


You’d be hard-pressed to find a better family vacation destination than Niagara Falls. In addition to the iconic Falls, the area is home to a bevy of fun-filled attractions that are sure to please travelers of all ages. Still, there’s no denying that the Falls themselves will always be the main draw. Very few visitors leave without embarking on at least one guided tour of the Falls or educational cruise. However, as is the case anywhere, the weather in Niagara Falls won’t always be amenable to outdoor activity. Fortunately, there’s no need to be disappointed if rainy weather impacts your ability to get an up-close look at the Falls. Even if the Falls themselves are off-limits, Niagara still has plenty to offer.

1. Fallsview Indoor Water Park

Although water parks are typically associated with summertime, the Fallsview Indoor Water Park is open for business year-round. Thanks to the park’s indoor status, visitors never have to worry about rainy weather putting a damper on their good time. This massive three-acre water park features 16 exciting slides, an enormous wave pool and an incredible aqua play area. To sweeten the deal, many of the best Niagara Falls hotels are directly connected to the Fallsview Indoor water park, ensuring both affordability and accessibility.

2. The Great Canadian Midway

If your crew loves a good video game, The Great Canadian Midway will provide you with hours of enjoyment. Chockfull of modern games, arcade favorites from yesteryear and various midway mainstays, TGCM is the perfect place for families to spend a rainy day. Through playing skee ball and other traditional midway games, you and your kids can earn tickets and cash them in for an assortment of prizes. In addition to the aforementioned games, this sprawling 70,000-square foot arcade features cutting-edge interactive rides. So whether you’re a fan of modern games or have an appreciation for the classics, The Great Canadian Midway has exactly what you need to scratch your gaming itch.

3. Nightmares Fear Factory

Travelers who appreciate a good scare will want to check out Nightmares Fear Factory. As one of the world’s most famous haunted houses, NFF boasts an immersive story and big scares. In fact, Nightmares Fear Factory is so terrifying that over 162,000 visitors have chickened out before reaching the end. So if you want to be among the brave souls to make it all the way through, you’d best not go alone. While Nightmares Fear Factory is a fantastic Halloween destination, it can be visited year-round, ensuring that fear fanatics aren’t bound by schedule restrictions. Furthermore, NFF offers convenient discounts to groups of 15 or more, so large travel parties are in luck.

Having to cancel plans as a result of disagreeable weather is a special type of disappointment. Luckily, at Niagara Falls, rainy days don’t have to be an impediment to fun. While there’s no denying that many of the area’s most popular activities take place outdoors, Niagara Falls has an abundance of indoor attractions for visitors of all ages.


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