Mobile Apps That Have Transformed Travelling Altogether

The travel industry is one of the few industries that won’t die, irrespective of any recession. And to keep it dynamic, new elements are constantly required to prevent it going stale. Mobile apps are the new chunks that have recently started making difference in the traveling sector and the boom in smartphones technology has only added more value to it.

A survey by eMarketer validates our point, according to which about 60% Smartphone users frequently use travel apps when planning a trip. The apps range from booking flight tickets to reasonable hotel rooms and exploring the weather to local restaurants. It all enhances the overall experience of a perfect trip.

In this article, you can find some best traveling apps that would simplify your mess of organizing a well-planned journey to any corner of this world. Seize them by downloading it for your next trip.

  1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner promises to be an all in one travel app. Through this app, you can easily search flights, hotels, and cars at one go. The best part is, this app won’t let you miss ever a price drop on a flight. The app notifies the user of any price changes with “Price Alerts” push notifications. Now, you don’t have to keep following the flight ticket websites.

  1. FlightStats

Right after finalizing om the destination, you need to check the flights. And for this, FlightStats app is bang on. You can scan all the related flights by number, airport or route. Furthermore, if there is any delay in the flight landing or any weather condition, the will let you know at the first hand. With this app, you can miss the flight at only your own will.

  1. LoungeBuddy

This application opens the brilliant ways to those cryptic places normally saved just for the most exclusive guests or frequently flying. You just need to plan an outing with the use of this app and LoungeBuddy will tell you which lounges you as of now approach.

  1. Currency

Planning a travel to a different country can puzzle you in terms of currency exchange rate. But not anymore. The Currency app will help you to be updated with current currency exchange rate updates for over 150 currencies and countries. Adding a feather to its cap, the app was one of the first 500 apps in the App Store in 2008.

  1. Uber

Getting down from a long flight and struggling to find a cab can be very frustrating sometimes. Especially, in a foreign country. To unfold this dilemma, Uber is there. The Uber app lets you book a cab or taxi in more than 84 nations and 737 urban communities. The payments are made simple by allowing the user to connect his debit/credit card with this app and at the end of every trip, the calculated amount gets automatically deducted, saving the user from the mess of finding a currency dispenser machine.

The Upshot

There is no more need for a traveling agent to make your trip a success. The gain is two way. In the sense, as a traveller, you also get benefitted by using these apps and on the other hand, the tourism-based companies gain from such apps. So, all-in-all, technology proves to a boon for everyone.