The McGruff Safe Kit Now Covers School Intrusions

Known as the McGruff Safe Kit for short, the McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit is designed to help children protect themselves and feel safe at home, in public, online, or wherever they happen to be. McGruff Safe Kids recently added a school intruder safety section to its official Safe Kit to further these ends.

The cornerstone of the McGruff Safe Kit has long been included in the National Child Identification Program. The McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit is a convenient and secure way for parents to store their children’s important information. This ID kit can prove essential in a wide variety of emergencies. For this reason, the law enforcement community considers it a “must-have” for overall child safety.

A Leader in Child Safety and Education

Beyond the National Child Identification Program, the McGruff Safe Kit has always been committed to reaching out directly to children with a broad spectrum of age-appropriate safety and security information.

The National Crime Prevention Council licensed the first McGruff Safe Kit in 1992. Since then, it has continued working toward the same goal: to teach kids about personal safety with an approach that encourages friendliness and fun.

Today, McGruff Safe Kits are widely available in both English and Spanish. Anyone residing in the United States or Canada can request a free kit through the official McGruff Safe Kit website.

Over the years, the National Crime Prevention Council and McGruff Safe Kids have made a number of improvements and additions to the McGruff Safe Kit. Promoted as the “Fun Way to Family Safety,” the newest release of the kit includes fingerprint ink and DNA collection tips as well as a vast selection of safety information.

School Intrusion Safety Tips in the Newest McGruff Safe Kit

The National Crime Prevention Council and McGruff Safe Kit have always been careful to ensure that their child safety public outreach keeps pace with the times and remains relevant to the youth target audience of the McGruff Safe Kit. As part of these efforts, the latest iteration of the McGruff Safe Kit includes a section on school intrusion safety.

Although gun violence has been prominent in the United States since its inception, our modern notion of the “school shooting” became tragically prevalent in the early 1990’s around the birth of the McGruff Safe Kit. Over the intervening years, school intrusions have remained a threat that casts a shadow across every learning institution in the country.

The school intrusion information in the McGruff Safe Kit reinforces recommendations and teachings of law enforcement officials, emergency first-responders, and school administrators alike. Common recommended school intrusion safety measures range from keeping away from doors and windows to taking cover and remaining quiet.

McGruff Safe Kits are a no-brainer for keeping your child safe – both in and out of schools. Click here to get yours today.