7 Trips to Take in Your 20s


Most people agree that they should have traveled more when they were younger. If you travel in your 20s, you have a level of freedom you might not have later. During these years, investing your time in visiting different places will be more important than making a few dollars. You will have the rest of your life to make money. Traveling, however, will be more challenging if you’re on a budget. Sure, overseas travel is great, but it’s also expensive. Your own backyard has some incredible experiences waiting. Here are some ideas.

The Real Florida

Florida is a lot more than just Disney World, Miami Beach, and the Keys. Most young people have visited these places during spring break or on family vacations, and the locations are great tourist destinations that deserve the attention. Nevertheless, other places command attention and are the ones that you should visit while in your 20s. The first is St. Augustine. As the nation’s oldest city, the destination is filled with history. Look closely at the Castillo de San Marcos and take notes. As you travel internationally later in life, you’ll see flashbacks of the architecture because others who traveled before you carried influences from other countries. Absorb the culture, move west, and experience Florida’s Gulf Coast by visiting St. George Island. These top- ranked beaches provide waterfront experiences, crab hunting, biking routes, kayaking activities, and beachcombing areas that are hard to enjoy in the same manner in other coastal locations.

Southern Hospitality

While you are in Florida, get in your car and drive north. Experience Georgia through the paths less traveled and explore Henry County, Georgia. This area is made up of four regions that include Stockbridge, Hampton, McDonough, and Locust Grove. Each offers visitors a distinct experience. For beer lovers, a visit to the Jailhouse Brewing company in Hampton is a must. Visitors are immersed in the brewing experience provided by a jailhouse that was converted into a craft brewery. This area of Georgia is also filled with parks and natural reserves. If you enjoy walking trails, biking, and outdoor activities, head toward Stockbridge and experience the more than 1600 acres of natural beauty that Panola Mountain State Park contains. Georgia is a state full of military history. So, before heading out, be sure to pay homage and visit the Heritage Park Veterans Museum in McDonough and the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation and Flying Museum in Hampton.

Do You Really Know New York?

You’ve driven this far, so you may as well hop back in the car and look for I-95 North. Head north and enter the Big Apple. New York is a city with so much activity and so many things to do, few people can say that they know the city well. Avoid the bus tours and the typical New York visit that includes the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. The idea of traveling in your 20s is to experience and live. So, instead of visiting the typical sites such as Times Square, head toward Bushwick Street in Brooklyn and encounter street art as never before. Local muralists have turned a section of the borough into an outdoor gallery. Opt out of the typical touristy destinations and visit the Museum of Mathematics, Momofuku Milk Bar, or the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden. Once you’re ready, head toward JFK International Airport and look for airport parking in Jamaica, NY. It’s time to fly to Michigan.

The Gateway to Canada

Before heading to Canada, make sure to visit the Great Lakes State. Get a room at a hotel in Michigan and head toward Port Huron. Again, the idea of this type of travel is to learn about the areas in ways that touristy travel cannot teach. Port Huron is a hidden gem and the perfect gateway to Canada. Before crossing the Blue Water Bridge, experience the small town and watch the freight ships disappear. This place is a great area to discover and understand international relations because it is a combination of American and Canadian diplomacy mixed into a beautiful town. Once you’ve hung around for a few days, get ready to cross the border into Canada. Don’t forget that you’ll need a passport to do so. Visit Toronto and other places in Ontario to create great memories from the vast sights that the beauty of Canada has to offer before heading back to the States.

The Pacific Northwest

If you thought that the Canadian wilderness was amazing, wait until you see what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Oregon and Washington states are breathtakingly beautiful, and the sights and sounds cannot be described with words. The locals say that the fall is the best time to visit because the temperature is still relatively warm, and the summer crowds have dispersed. Start with Oregon and enjoy the countless things to do in North Bend, OR. A car will be the best way to enjoy the sites. Also, a car provides the perfect way to stop and take in the views. Next, drive toward Washington state. Seattle is a place you must visit. However, take the time to explore the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, Snoqualmie Falls, Mount Rainier, or any of the countless destinations in the state. These areas will take some time to visit, so be prepared to make it a long road trip. Make sure to have plenty of space available for pictures and video on your smartphone or digital camera.

Alaska is a Must

This destination should be on everyone’s bucket list. In your 20s, this trip can be amazing because of the forced disconnect from reality, communications, and the rest of the world. Sure, you can visit Anchorage and Fairbanks and enjoy the many citylike activities, including playing golf at North Star Golf Club, which is the northernmost golf course in the United States. But, you can also veer off and travel the wilderness. Alaska is home to the largest national park, the biggest coastline, the tallest peak, and the longest day and night. It provides travelers with unique experiences that will make up a lifetime of stories. So, jump on a one-day cruise and travel the coastline. Hike the backcountry and experience fishing, camping, mountain climbing, and countless other activities. And if you are visiting after September, the aurora borealis is something that cannot be missed.


So, you think that by having seen the northern lights you’ve seen it all? You still have time to build experience and take advantage of the youthful state of mind that will be impossible to replicate later in life. You can visit Hawaii when retired or as a family getaway anytime during your life and do the tourist destination rounds. However, taking the trip to the islands for the sole purpose of learning how to surf is completely different. The experience is amazing, and the surf is perfect. So take advantage and surf Hawaii. Be sure to invest as much time and energy without letting anyone you that it’s time to go sightseeing.

You will only be young once. Therefore, while in your 20s, enjoy the destinations in ways that can only be enjoyed at that age.


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