Go to the lake in Italy


The time has come to plan your trip through the lakes in northern Italy. And do you know why? Because such a holiday is about to be a valid alternative to a beach or mountain holiday. In fact, few know that the Italian lakes are a destination for any season. They are beautiful to live, interesting to discover and full of resources to offer.


Whether you want to spend your summer holidays or spring weekends out of town, the Italian lakes offer quality services and accommodation for every type of holiday. At any time you can enjoy plenty of clean air, crystal clear water and a real gem to carry in your heart. And if you don’t know which lake to choose, in the first instance it would be appropriate to opt for Lake Orta, intimate and even more beautiful than many other more famous lakes.


Walks, boat trips, sunbathing on the lakefront, candlelit dinners, night clubs: the Italian lakes intercept a varied and attentive tourism. Know that you will be interested in many activities that in those small historic villages will be even more beautiful and special to try. Activities in which even the children you will see can be involved, they will never tire of experiencing certain emotions. From Lake Garda to Lake Como, From Lake Maggiore to Lake Trasimeno throughout the boot there is the possibility of a lake holiday made up of sport, wellness, relaxation, cultural itineraries, typical food and wine.


If you don’t know where to go, know that on the lakes you will be able to enjoy B&B hospitality in the places overlooking the Italian lakes. You will be amazed to discover the sincere and genuine hospitality of the Italian managers and the charm of cities rich in history. All you have to do is take a peek into what could be the list of hotels in which to stay and select the best one for your needs. Know that you won’t be disappointed with the way they take care of you and your family. A feeling of sweetness and warmth of home that will not make you miss your family. Indeed you will see how at the moment of departure a tear of regret will streak your face for the sadness of having to leave. Book travel and experience the lakes, you will see what a pleasant surprise.


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