Oman desert safari


Are you looking for a venue in a fantastic environment for your Annual General Meeting? Do you want to reward some of your best customers or collaborators and invite them to an exotic destination? Does your team need a hide-away break to recuperate and enhance its performance level?

Oman offers a number of excellent locations to host a conference or a meeting. First class hotels with all the amenities, conference and meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art conference facilities set the stage for a successful event.

Oman is the ideal destination for supporting activities for your event.

Just two examples:

  • May we invite you to an Oman Desert safari?

Enjoy special Omani food, traditional folklore, camel races, henna decoration and dune bashing. Visit a Bedouin family and after a delicious barbeque, overnight in Arabian style tents in the desert.

  • Or how about a dinner in a historic ambience?

Let us take you to a historic place for lunch or for a candlelight dinner. Can you imagine a more fascinating stage than a fort for an award giving ceremony or the launch of a new corporate business philosophy or a new product?

Nakhl and Wadi Abyadh tour

Drive along the Batinah coast to the fishing village of Seeb, where on the beach you will see fishermen auctioning their fresh catch. After a short drive along some fascinating scenery, enter off-road terrain to Wadi Abyadh which means “White Valley” and is so called because of the formations of calcite mineralised pools visible in the area. Drive through the wadi studded with oleander shrubs, which blossom the whole year through and the hamlets with their old mud houses.

Return to Muscat via the town of Nakhl with its fully restored fort, which guards a sprawling oasis and extensive date plantations. The imposing fort towers above the town and is an impressive sight, set on a rocky outcrop surrounded by date palms. It consists of concentric fortified areas, each with its own massive door and defensive walls and is considered to be invincible. From the cannon tower the view is breathtaking: over the Nakhl oasis, and towards the pale grey limestone peaks to the east and the low brown rocks to the west.

At the hot springs at Al Thowarah with its palm trees pause for a cup of tea at the local café or take a stroll along the brook full of clear spring water, the source of which is the clefts in the mountainside. The water temperature is about 40 degrees centigrade and is warm and soothing.


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