Experience the Wonder of the Whale Migration with Sydney Cruises

It doesn’t matter if you are visiting from another country or making the trek across Australia into Sydney, witnessing the whale migration is a lifetime must.

This annual event that involves of thousands of whales can be witnessed between May and November, when the whales take their migration right through Sydney. Sydney whale watching cruises offer exclusive, close-up access to the whales as they swim across the ocean, and all you need to do is reserve your spot on the boat.

What to Expect

These are more than just boat rides out into the ocean. As experienced and knowledgeable whale watchers as your guides, you can expect to visit all of the locations where whales are notorious for hanging out. You may even get a little bit of whale education along the way.

Of course, you never know what you are going to see out there in the ocean, and there is always the chance to witness something else incredible in addition to the whales themselves. Not to mention, being out on the ocean gives you an incredible view of the beautiful city of Sydney.

Once you reserve your spot on the cruise, you are in for an incredible, wholesome experience. In addition to being passionate about whales, your guides are safety-oriented and ensure a relaxing and very pleasant trip.

Your Cruise Options

You won’t be limited to one cruise option; in fact, whale watching in Sydney can be experienced at all times of the day. You will have your traditional cruises of varying capacity, but you will also have specialty cruise options, as well.

  • Sunset Cruises: What’s more majestic than a group of whales swimming across a sunset? Witness the whale migration at the Sydney sunset for a wonderful combination of sceneries.
  • Night time Cruises: Sydney from afar is an entirely different sight when covered by lights. Night cruises allow you to witness the whales along with the Sydney light festival.
  • Private Cruises: Standard cruises will include large groups of visitors, but you can opt for a much smaller cruising option with only a handful of people.

Cruise times typically range from an hour to almost three hours but may vary depending on the success of the trip. While your whale watchers have a pretty good idea of where to catch the whales, these trips may be unpredictable on occasion, but the tour guides strive to ensure your satisfaction.

If you plan on being in Sydney in these upcoming summer months, don’t hesitate to make your reservation. Boat spots fill up quickly, and you don’t want to miss out on your chance to witness the spectacular sight that is the whale migration.