How to Travel Light

How are you planning on packing your suitcase? Do you pack a lot of stuff or very little? How much you pack all depends on where you are going, for how long, and what method you will be traveling by (plane or automobile).  If you are traveling by automobile you can pretty much take whatever you want however, if you are traveling by airplane, you have better be packing light (unless you want to pay more for baggage fees). According to a travel article, you should always conduct a trial run while you are at home. How do you go about this trial run? Pack your suitcase and drag it around locally for a couple of hours. If you think the load is too much, go home and repack it until you are satisfied. According to another traveling article, looking good is also vital when you are taking to the friendly skies. It is suggested that if you want to look good while still packing light than you have better have a plan in place before you even think about putting one piece of clothing in your bag. For example, some clothes you can switch around such as shirts and pants and then there are those that should not be re-worn such as socks and undergarments. For these types of items, you have better have a couple of pairs. Besides your professional looking clothes, it is also a good idea to pack a pair of jeans for those days that casual wear will be fine. Finally, always plan on wearing the bulkiness apparel you have this way, it saves room in your suitcase.

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