Safety Tips when Joining a Large Group on a Study Trip  

Study trips can be done individually or in large groups. It is more fun when you are with other people because you get to share this experience with them. At the same time, it can be confusing and chaotic. When you are with a group with different interests and behaviours, you have no choice but to make some adjustments. There are ways though for you to still have fun even if you are with such a large group.

Choose the right people to be with

You should always be with a travel buddy. You can take turn taking photos, ensure each other’s safety, and share how you feel about the places you visit and the things you have learned. You can either be with someone whom you already know and are comfortable with or someone whom you have never bonded with before to have a chance to know that person better.

Always bring money

When you are with a group, you will be safe financially as most of the expenses have been paid in advance. The moment you are apart from the rest you really need cash. If you have to call someone, you might need credit for your phone. You might have also found a wonderful place to visit and you don’t want to lose this opportunity. Going to that place might require money as well. Some places also don’t accept cards or have ATMs nearby. It is better to have the cash to do the things you want.

Listen to instructions 

There might be orientations prior to the trip. Listen to what is told to you. Determine where the meeting point is or what the contact number is when you are lost. You might have a planned schedule, but things could change in an instance. It helps a lot if you listen to instructions well to avoid confusion.

Be open about how you feel 

You don’t want to be stressed out on this trip because you are learning something different. You also don’t want to ruin it. However, if you really feel bad about someone, tell this to the person-in-charge right away. You might also go directly to that person. You want the trip to be smooth sailing, and a person who keeps distracting the group won’t be helpful. It doesn’t help to just walk away and go on your own as it is a safety risk.

Take some time to be alone

Sometimes, when you are in a group studierejser or study trip, it can be a bit overwhelming. It seems like you hear noises all the time. You appreciate things, but you don’t get the chance to evaluate or reflect on them. Therefore, you need some alone time, so you can also assess how your day went and list what you have learned. Just make sure though you inform everyone regarding your whereabouts if you are alone.

Don’t let this group trip distract you from learning important things on your own.