The Ultimate List of Best Wedding Resorts in Delhi NCR

There are so many resorts where you can host your wedding and you need to make sure that you are thinking about which one you want to pick. Check out the best ones in Delhi NCR and you can get all of the help you need from udman by FNP gardens. Here is a list of some of the top resorts that you can check out and book for your wedding, so read on more to find out the most popular locations.

Ultimate Resorts

There are numerous resorts that you can book when you use udman by FNP gardens to help you, including the following:

  • Shagun Farm – If you are going to have a large wedding or reception, then you are going to need a place to hold them all and Shagun Farm can accommodate up to 1500 guests on the lawn or 800 in the banquet hall. The food and the décor would be provided by the location, and there is also a bridal room that would be provided.
  • Opulent Hotel – For those who want a smaller wedding, then the Opulent Hotel is perfect since it can host up to 500 people. 22 rooms are available on site, and the venue would provide both the catering along with the chosen décor for your event.
  • Pavilion – Another favorite resort for brides is the Pavilion, and this can be perfect for a wedding of any size. The foyer can fit 300 guests while the courtyard can hold around 1000 and the palace can fit 800, and there is enough parking for around 500 vehicles.
  • Udman Hotels & Resorts – If you are looking for something different, then make sure to check out Udman Hotels & Resorts, which can fit a wide array of guests. The Utsav can fit 1000 guests as well as the Udyan, and the Unma can fit around 180 guests, while Urvi can fit around 100 guests. There are 45 AC rooms available here and both the food along with the décor will be provided.
  • The Ritz – For those who want something elegant and stunning, then the Ritz is the best place to host your wedding. It can fit between 600 to 1500 guests with space for 2000 vehicles to park with an AC room provided for the bridal party.

These are just a few of the best resorts that you can book for your wedding, so think about the size of the guest list and make the decision for which location would suit your needs and budget the best.

Go ahead and start thinking about which resort you are going to have your wedding at and there is plenty to consider. The experts from udman by FNP gardens can help you to make the right choice and you need to think about how many people you would be inviting. There are plenty of options that would range from a small intimate location to larger ones that are going to be stunning, yet elegant without being overwhelming.