Things not to do in San Francisco

Are you really ready to experience ‘The City by the Bay’?

Hong Kong to San Francisco flight route is among the busiest flight routes, and the high frequency of flights on these routes has made this route suitable for a large number of varied visitors and travelers. You have many options of direct as well as connected flights from Hong Kong to San Francisco, and you can book the flight to San Francisco to visit several right places, to know about its vast history, and witness the glamour of this entertainment hub.

Here are some things you should avoid during your visit to San Francisco.

Be conscious about the street signs:

The street signs in San Francisco are vital, and neglecting these signs can turn your trip into a worse nightmare. Especially care for the signs placed on the city hills. The number range set on the hills (between high 31.5 to low 17.5) tells you the steep of the hills. You need to be more careful on these roads; even it is better to avoid if you can.

Avoid taking a double-decker bus tour:

Thinking of getting the best view of the city on a double-decker bus? Think again for San Francisco.

A bus ride will be more likely a damp, cold, and miserable for the entire time. J-Church line or a Cable car is a better option to enjoy a sweeping view of downtown, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the East Bay.

Say ‘No’ to Boudin Bakery:

Of course, Boudin Bakery is a landmark of San Francisco, but it is not so satisfying to eat their sourdough. Secondly, you need to wait there in line with dozens of tourists for the so-so offering of this bakery. The better option is bypassing the establishment and going to the Tartine Bakery and Guerrero Street’s Café and enjoy loaves of country and walnut bread.

Thinking of packing summer clothes?

California never greets the visitors with fantastic weather every time. San Francisco is quite chilly. Make sure to bring a coat or hooded sweater for the brisk mornings, plummeting temperatures at night, and fog.

Forget about Fisherman’s Wharf:

Fisherman’s Wharf is a landmark, but in the recent few years, this iconic place has been delegated to nothing more than a tourist location. To enjoy delicious and authentic seafood, the Swan Oyster Depot is a far better option.

Don’t think of shopping at Union Square:

Union Square is the same as any luxury store of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel that you know at home or online. Try little off beaten path and head to Hayes Valley to peruse the vintage shops fully loaded with unique and attractive pieces that you cannot find anywhere.

Don’t walk across the Golden Gate Bridge:

You can do this if you feel excited to stare at the bunch of fabricated steel because it is nothing more than that. For awesome selfies and to capture your memorable moments, go to the Land’s End trail Park and view the Golden Gate Bridge from there.