Useful Tips when Travelling to Visit an Exotic Country

Often I am asked for advice about travelling to Thailand. I may consider myself knowledgeable enough to give some advice having spent a huge part of the past few years in Thailand. Most of the questions I get are centered on training Muay Thai and that was what inspired me to visit and has taken a chunk of my time.

Each time I visit, I always take time to travel around the country and have been lucky to have found some awesome places during my stay. The first thing to do if you consider a trip to Thailand is to decide on what you want to achieve during your trip. Visit during the busy season if you want to island hop or go to parties all through your stay. But, you will have to spend a little more for all your desires.

English language is spoken in many places you will visit in Thailand. You will be certain that the further away you get from the cities and tourist attractions, the less English will be a language for communication. Many sign boards and street signs are written both in Thai as well as English, though most of the signboards are quite comical as their translation to English are full of grammatical errors.

You might want to learn some Thai before visiting Thailand, though the language can be somewhat difficult to learn. The listener of your query will understand that you are being polite if you end each sentence you make with the word ‘Ka’ if you are female and ‘krap’ if you are male.

One of my biggest annoyances about my travel to Thailand is going to the beach and seeing young and pretty Thai ladies walking with really old white guys. Foreigners travel to Thailand as sex tourist; they take advantage of poor women. To me, these women are being victimized and I urge you to freely protest against these men whenever you see them.

Any time is a good time if you are visiting Thailand solely for Muay Thai training. The size of the class is usually small as you will be getting maximum attention from the trainers in the training camp. Some gyms can really be very busy during the busy season and at the weekend.

Muay Thai which was formally a battlefield art has really evolved into a popular sport. It has been accepted as one of the sports in Asian Games and perhaps an official Olympic sport too. It is becoming more and more popular outside of Thailand and has practitioners and enthusiasts in Australia, Europe, Japan, Africa, and the Americas for its health and fitness benefits.

Muay Thai training program at muaythaiworlds was developed during the late 20s and 30s. Balls and punch bags became widely available and Gyms were also constructed. The use of contest gloves and training gloves became the norm. The combat became a favorite pastime and sport. Each village organized prize fights and individuals from all walks of life looked forward to the contest and flock in their numbers to the venue of the fight.

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