Getting Out Of Sydney And Visiting Hunter Valley

Sydney is an exceptional city to live in, but there comes a time when you need to get away from things and experience the wonders of nature. Fortunately for residents of this cosmopolitan city, there is plenty to see and do on your doorstep, including Hunter Valley which has plenty to keep visitors entertained. If you are looking for a break with plenty of things to do, here are some of the best attractions in Hunter Valley that will help to recharge your batteries.

Get Close To Nature

There is also plenty on offer for the nature lovers out there, and you can visit one of the dedicated nature parks and enjoy a hike through the country. There are a few parks and gardens that you can visit, such as:

  • Yengo National Park
  • Kitchener Poppethead Reserve
  • Werakata National Park
  • Hunter Valley Gardens
  • Lake St Clair

Get close to nature and see the local flora and fauna that makes this area of Australia so unique, and if you work up a thirst, there are plenty of ways that you can satisfy it.

Experience The Beauty From The Air

One of the best ways to enjoy the majestic vista on offer when visiting Hunter Valley is to see it from the air, and there are a few options open to you. You can opt for one of the many Hunter Valley helicopter flights that are available. If you prefer something more tranquil, you can float over the valley in a hot air balloon. Whatever your preference is, you will have the opportunity to take some fantastic pictures and make memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Visit A Brewery Or Distillery

There are a few places where you can see alcohol brewed and distilled and enjoy a tour of the facilities, as well as trying some of the wares on offer. There are five main destinations that you can choose from, or you can try visiting them all, make sure you are not driving though! The five best places to visit are:

  • The Garden Cellars
  • Hope Estate
  • Hunter Distillery
  • Millbrook Estate Winery & Distillery
  • KissOfire

You can see how your favourite tipple is made from picking the fruits, distilling the alcohol, and bottling them up, as well as sample your favourites and potentially find a new tipple of choice for you.

Time To Relax

If you are looking for something less energetic and more relaxing top-rated things to do in Hunter Valley, there is plenty of choices available as well. You can relax and enjoy a spa or a massage at one of the retreats and have all your stress and troubles massaged away. Whether you are looking for just a massage or you wish to stay for a couple of days in a spa, you will be able to relax and recharge your batteries, ready to get back home and join the rat race once again.

These are a few of the top destinations when you visit Hunter Valley, but there are many more besides. Being just a couple of hours drive from Sydney, it is the perfect place to get that much-needed break and enjoy some of the spectacular scenery that is on offer.